Grasshopper Mind


OCTOBER 8, 2023

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. This was one of Stephen Covey's much exalted 7 Habits of effective people, His theory might work in some areas, but not all.


I have been trying to understand computers since the first PC hit our desks.  Even took early computer classes, when storage and all the other 'stuff'' filled a space the size of my living room. I appreciate what computers can do.  Understand how they do it,? No.  Able to communicatea  current problem to the Chat Robot? Impossible.


The more the world becomes high tech, the more I long for high touch.  I dream of a full service gas station.  A computer genius who sits at MY computer and fixes all the problems I created.  No more crawling around the floor, pull this connection, wait 60 seconds, crawl back . That didn't work.  Maybe you pulled the wrong plug. Of course I did, my hands and knees vision is not good.


Have you tried getting out of a parking garage, where live attendants do not exist?  Apart  from needing arm extensions, getting the robotic machine to accept your credit card is baffling. People behind you curse their luck getting behind such a Luddite.  You consider ramming through the barrier.


Checked in lately at a mobile phone store?  The sign says - use your QR scan to sign in.  My 'phone is dead, that's why I'm here. Is there a human in the house?  What's wrong with your 'phone asks the Robot?That's what I'm here to find out.  Did you go on line first? says the Robot.  Finally, says ChatRobot - Did that answer your question? Unsummoned, I approach what resembles a real person.


Once you get through the maze of options and instructions on your doctor's office telephone, you are told:  If you wish to make an appointment you can do so on line at ...  and they give you the website for smart people.


Airlines charge a fee if a real person has to assist with your reservations.  I mean, what's wrong with you - taking a staffer's time to help you through the muddle they have created? You need to be penalized.


My world, where service is provided by humans, is shrinking daily.  Back to computer and new technology classes for me.  I believe they are called the new survival skills classes.




# # #