Grasshopper Mind


JULY 10, 2021



During a conversation with friends, recently, we talked about the recurring  tragedies and trials, at home and around the world. We asked - why does this keep happening?



There were diverse observations - but most of us agreed that often, except where Mother Nature is at work, it is lack of maintenance.  Maintenance is one of the most important words in any language.  Yet, when we hear maintenance department, maintenance person, or the word maintenance itself, it’s a rare individual who thinks of a VIP, or thinks beyond their immediate problem.


Relationships – between friends, families, clients, and countries, need maintenance.  So do our bodies, automobiles, homes, animalsthe infrastructure of life as we live it, the earth, sea, and sky.  We couldn't  think of a single person, group, corporation, place, or thing that does not need maintenance.


The catch phrase ‘prevention is often better than cure,’ goes back to the 1500’s and is credited to the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus. That’s 520 years, and still we are not convinced.


Why such slow learners?  Why eagerly accept the latest fads, and neglect life-extending maintenance of what we already have?  The answer often given, and hard to justify, is that we’re just human.


If you have a better answer, let me know.  This human’s automobile is in the shop right now, and the Erasmus theory is chafing at my conscience.

# # #