Grasshopper Mind

A PS to Interruptions and Reminders

AUGUST 1, 2021

I intended to include the final paragraph of Tom Brokaw's book.  It is worth a PS delivery.  Here it is:


"I think about mortality in ways I did not before the diagnosis.  It no longer seems a faint distant reality, in part because I've experienced the ruthless nature of cancer.  Simultaneously, at age seventy-five, I've moved into the neighborhood of life where there are few long-term leases.



It is not enough to "rage, rage against the dying of the light." It is also a time to quietly savor the advantages of a lucky life and use them to fill every waking moment with emotional and intellectual pursuits worthy of the time we have left.


Life, what's left,

Bring it on.


Tom Brokaw

two six four oh