Grasshopper Mind


AUGUST 15, 2021






It’s Sunday morning.  One year ago my Sunday morning would often include lively telephone conversations with my brother John, and sisters - Marie and Kathleen.  Sadly, we lost all three this past year. This morning, I am reliving fun and fond memories and recalling lots of their sage advice.


My brother and sisters each in their own way was a lifeforce.  Never a whine, rarely a criticism. Conversations were filled with laughter, remembering ‘when or who,’ and planning the revival of the gray panthers. Despite, or perhaps because of, a fairly austere childhood we would usually recall how lucky we were to have had great parents, each other, and good lives.


With an ocean separating us - what kept us close over the decades?  We decided it was, primarily, three things.  Being taught to share.  Experiencing the dignity and rewards of work.  Never taking anything or anyone for granted, including each other.


We were nine Hunt siblings. Sharing and looking after the younger ones was just what you did.  The dignity of work was ingrained and contributing earnings to the family coffers was an ego boost.  We took nothing and no one for granted because our early years were WWII years in England when things could change in the blink of an eye.


Our parents warned us, without apology: ‘The only thing we will leave you is a good name.  Look after it.”  We took that warning seriously.  We believed our greatest legacy would be our children and grandchildren – and would say to each other, with some pride – so far, so good.


Why am I sharing my Sunday morning musings? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I miss my Sunday morning chats. Maybe it’s in case we need reminding to stay in touch with family and friends, no matter the distance.  My brother Jim and I still enjoy our transatlantic conversations. 


We’re told life has no guarantees.  I disagree.  To have conversations you’ll recall with a smile, to give with warm hands, to create good memories.  You will never regret these actions.  Guaranteed.