Grasshopper Mind


SEPTEMBER 14, 2021



This is a bonus.  Not my usual musings.  It’s a gift from Joe Martin.  Many of you knew Joe.  Joe the friend, father, husband, brother, banker, community servant, author.  Joe who made us laugh. Made us think.  Joe who lived for 12 years with ALS.  Joe who started the  Joe who changed lives.


This week I received a package of notecards, created by the amazing people at Joe's Foundation.  Each cover has a personal message, taken from Joe's book ‘On Any Given Day.’  I asked if I could share the messages.  Permission granted, and here they are:


·         Love Life, and the people important to your life, without condition, without expectation.

·         Build Joy out of the materials you find within the day, with the help of those who are here to be on your team.

·         Let your determination be contagious, expanding geometrically as you add it to the determination of others.

·         Insist upon festivity, and never miss a good cause for celebration.

·         Make your will to live your will to love, creating a regenerating cycle of power.

·         Let laughter embarrass fear and stupidity, let it heal the hurt in others.

·         Keep your sense of purpose intact, in sight, and in focus.

·         Hope in each moment of every day because more things are possible than you can imagine.

·         Have faith that God will let you know about the next life when this one is done.

·         Until this life truly ends, understand that on any given day – on this day – the possibilities are endless.


It’s been 15 years.  Joe’s words still challenge and inspire.  Take one word from each message and you will see: Love, Joy, Determination, Celebrate, Live, Laughter, Purpose, Hope, Faith, Possibilities.


Thanks, Joe – we needed these reminders.


# # #