Grasshopper Mind


DECEMBER 13, 2021

A smart and thoughtful young friend recently asked an interesting question.  ‘You talk a lot about purpose she said - what exactly does it mean?’


Merriam’s answer: The reason something or someone exists; an intended result.  John’s purpose in life is to end hunger. Katy noted the meeting’s purpose was to approve the budget.


Posing the question to several friends confirmed the word purpose means diferent things to different people – depending on where they are in life.  For a retired man in his 80’s, it was having a daily goal.  Today I will trim the hedges.  His purpose for getting up and out that day.


A successful entrepreneur's life long purpose is to first acknowlege and appreciate the talents you were given. Then use those talents to help others recognize and purposefully use their own talents.


Oprah’s book The Path Made Clear is a reflection on purpose.  She, and famous friends, devote their comments to following one’s true calling.  To living your ultimate life's purpose. Wiser heads may add – easy to say, hard for many to do. Winds and circumstances do not always allow smooth sailing to what or where we'd prefer to be.


The unanimous response to your thought provoking question, young friend, is:  There is no single answer:  Our purpose might change, day to day. If our purpose at any given moment includes helping someone reach their potential, improving our surroundings, sharing what we can - we’re on the right track. These human assets are transferable to any day, any circumstance, any calling. There is no expiraton date.


Author Robert Byrne tells us that the purpose of life is a life of purpose.  It’s up to us to decide what purpose means to each of us.


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