Grasshopper Mind


FEBRUARY 14, 2022

Today is Valentine’s Day.  I’m a fan of the PBS series ‘As Time Goes By.’ The lyrics to You must remember this remind me to remember the happy moments in life. Never fails.


If you are a certain age you must remember this:  Receiving a billet-doux, with the initials s.w.a.l.k. on the envelope’s flap.  If you are a male on the receiving end, there might be a whiff of perfume.  Youngsters - a billet-doux is a love letter. The initials mean ‘sealed with a loving kiss.’


The card’s inside verses always delightful.  A dreamy young woman or man -hearts surrounding them.  The message: It’s a lonesome old town when you’re not around.  Simple. Loving. Sincere. Not suggestive. Not smarmy.  The illustration and words bring a smile of agreement.  Confession: I still have some of those cards, dated in the 50’s. They still bring a smile.


Our sons said I was too wrapped up in reality.  True.  Then I shared my ‘old’ cards with them.  Their image changed to romantic realist.  Heart leads, head confirms, shoulders take on the challenge, hands go to work. Their interpretation - they go to work.


There’s mystery behind the origin of Valentine’s Day. Who cares? It is a day devoted to love.  Bring out the old cards.  Freshen the good and fun memories.  Share the moments.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day. No matter its origin – it is meant to be a day for giving and receiving love.


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