Grasshopper Mind


MARCH 13, 2022



There’s a sign in my office that says There has been a remarkable increase in the things I know nothing about.


Today’s New York Times magazine confirmed that message. The special section was devoted to Music.  Specifically, today’s music.  The magazine had 62 pages.  I recognized one name, and none of the songs.  A failing grade. Again.


Parade also devoted today’s section to music.  The front cover sang out “1972 – the year’s most unforgettable songs.”  Yes! Helen Reddy. Roberta Flack. The O’Jays. Bette Midler. Johnny Nash. Familiar names singing familiar tunes.  I’m singing along. Back on the plus side.


Another message I’ve saved says: The world belongs to the learners. The learned will wake up one day in a world that no longer exists.  Time to update this message.  I try to be a learner. And still, the world as I knew it no longer exists.


Many of us are lifelong learners.  What do we need to learn or unlearn?  Apart from updates for our hobbies and health? What do we need to practice, remember, keep learning?  It’s not the technology, the newest songs, the best wines, the 100 places to visit before we die.  There’s Google and our more knowledgeable friends to help us out there


Perhaps our curriculum should include learning how to appreciate. Learning how to share, be less critical, be grateful, care.  Obsolescence in these arenas is not optional if not just life as we know it , but life itself is to become livable for the all the world’s people.


Still a long way to go.  We’re closing the gap. Keep learning.


# # #