Grasshopper Mind


APRIL 3, 2022

Lynne Hinton is a minister, and an author. She spoke at her friend Sally’s celebration of life. Her words eloquently captured the amazing woman we were celebrating.  And, she left those of us who were part of the celebration with a roadmap for life if we are willing to give it a try. I have Lynne’s permission to share her words.


Remembering Sally, who along with her many talents was a potter, Lynne began -- A potter understands that for a plate, a cup or saucer to be turned and molded, the clay has to be soft. If it’s hard or has become too cold very little shaping can take place.  You need malleable clay - moist, moveable, unfixed. If the vessel has hardened, it must be broken to be reshaped.


One of the many things I admired about my friend, she continued, was that she never wanted her spirit to become dry and brittle, like old clay.   She always said, I can do better. I’ll give it a try.


Sally actively worked on being a person of love and integrity. That is a decision we must make every day. To choose life and love, forgiveness and kindness over death and indifference, pettiness, and resentment.


Wherever we are, we hear her voice saying, Come, get out of your comfortable seat. Move out of that resignation of watching from the sidelines. Step out of your old and boring existence.  Don’t be afraid to try.  Don’t let your heart harden and your spirit become dry.


Don’t choose the small life. Don’t waste your time being jealous or boastful or arrogant or rude. Keep your heart open.


All I can add is Wow. What a challenge.  Are we up to it?


At least give it a try.


# # #