Grasshopper Mind


OCTOBER 18, 2022

I’ve just returned from a beautiful gathering.  Women and men of all ages and backgrounds.  We were together to honor and congratulate a special woman, a special friend.


No one crept out early. No one wanted to leave.  Everyone wanted this brief period of joy, pride, and togetherness to continue.  And when we did leave most of us were smiling, filled with gratitude for friends old and new, young, and older.


We shared memories, happy and sad occasions since we’d last talked.  Promised to stay more closely in touch.  Laughed at the old ‘do you remember?’ stories.  Commiserated about how quickly people seem to take umbrage.  Gasped at how old our children are.  No politics.  No Covid. No mean words.  No pity parties.  Just friends enjoying friends.


It made me wonder why we don’t create more opportunities to be together.  We’ve all figured out by now (surely) it is not the food on the table, it’s not whether we’ve dusted, or remembered flowers – it’s the friends around the table that matter. It’s the memories we make and share.


And so – I emailed four friends before the glow receded; and said … I’m having a get-together for colleagues on the 25th; there will be lots of leftovers – why don’t we get together on the 26th and polish them off?  Just like that.  If there are no leftovers, we’ll bring in pizza.  It’s about friends.


My mother was the friend of all friends.  The milkman, the mailman, the dustbin men, the breadman, even the rag and bone man – come on in, have a cup of tea, rest a while. How’s your family?  Nine kids, surrounded by laundry – but always time for a friend.  As the saying goes -- A friend in need is a friend indeed – and that she was.


Thanks Linda, my friend, for bringing all of us together today. That’s what friends are for.


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