Grasshopper Mind


NOVEMBER 7, 2022


This has been a busy and inspiring month.  Celebrations, loss of friends, being with and hearing from longtime friends, meeting new friends.   At every turn the spotlight, both sad and spectacular, has been on the importance of friends.


At one celebration a young friend asked, ‘what keeps you well and happy?’  Without hesitation my answer was staying connected to friends. My family are my best friends.  Other friends are the family I chose, or who chose me.


Another gathering was to thank special individuals for giving their time and skills, expecting nothing in return.  When thanked, their response was that’s what friends are for.


Yet another heart-warming event was to honor those with unique challenges; and those who make their lives better.  The life givers said … they walked into our hearts and are part of us.


Milestone birthdays with no presents needed.  Just showing up or sending a friendly hello saying, "I’m here for you.” 


It’s interesting how friends pass our friendship test.  Eleanor Roosevelt said, there are many people who walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.  What she didn’t say is that these footprints will not make your heart heavy.  These footprints create a footpath to real friends. The faux friends -- what’s in it for me, when it’s convenient friends -- never make it onto the path.


Can you believe there is  a National Friendship Day? How silly. Friendships are not built in a day. Strong friendships need time and nourishment to grow. Let's hear it for hot biscuits and coffee, afternoon tea and scones, a glass of wine on the porch -- doesn't take much, it's the company that counts. The telling of tales, the catching up, the being there.


My wise mother who, the older I get, the more I seem to quote her told us that to have a friend you must be a friend.  Wiser words were never spoken. That’s all we need to know and remember. 



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