Grasshopper Mind


DECEMBER 13, 2022

Scrooge, curmudgeon, killjoy – call me whatever you like. Chances are I won’t hear you anyway.


Loud music, loud automobiles, loud commercials, loud conversations (especially where people seem to be talking to themselves) loud lawn mowers, louder leaf blowers, loud beeping, buzzing, and ringing from ovens, computers, doorbells, telephones, even elevators telling you which floor you are on.


Peace and quieter, would be such a gift.  If we can travel to the moon, develop medical miracles, create technology that allows us to see and hear friends around the world, ovens that (supposedly) self- clean, and vehicles that silently take us where we want to go…why not a quiet leaf blower?


All I want for Christmas is a quiet moment or two. Time to say thank you for the amazing improvements we’ve enjoyed during my lifetime. Time to make a silent and sincere request for ways to turn down the noise, Time  to turn up the dial for really listening.


Can you hear me now? Oh well, maybe next year.


# # #