Grasshopper Mind


DECEMBER 30, 2022

This year with love, and some apprehension, my son and his wife gave me the perfect gift. Adventure, travel to a new place, family gatherings, sunshine, and memories. The build-up was exciting.  The result beyond expectations, and a fun learning experience.

What did I learn?  I learned that most seashells grow during their lifetime.  I never knew. The big lesson:  Realizing it is OK to accept help.  My grandson Alex owns Fishwater Charters in St Croix.  A highlight of my trip was a few hours on his boat.  My grandmother mind was saying – how will you get into that boat? There’s no ramp and you are definitely beyond leaping aboard. 

Son David assured me ‘we will give you a hand.’  Needing a hand for something that once was so easy grated a bit, but I accepted.  A hand on the dock, a hand on the boat – both extended with confidence and care.  Everyone in sync.  Perfect solution.

Made me wonder – why are we so reluctant to accept help?  Why does it take us so long to realize a helping hand helps the giver and the receiver?  The old saying ‘pride goeth before a fall’ comes to mind. Risk falling into the ocean, or accept help?  Easy decision.  It occurred to me most of life is this way.

My New Year’s resolution:   Accept help when you need it, and sometimes when you think you don’t.

Here’s a toast to 2023 and beyond. And to grasping and giving that helping hand.

# # #